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The Karaoke Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating karaoke sites on the Net today, and provides an instant guide to the world's best karaoke sites, all from a single page.

The latest trend in karaoke is towards karaoke formats for new age devices. These include digital media players, iPods, mobile phones, PC's, X-Box and PS3. To accommodate this trend the file formats which have become the most popular for these devices are:

Mp3 Karaoke - Audio
Mp3 audio karaoke files are backing tracks featuring the music only for karaoke purposes. These are the most flexible and universally played karaoke files because they are supported by so many devices including media players, PC's, iPods, iPod touches, mobile phones and all devices capable of playing Mp3's.

Mp4 and WMV Karaoke - Video
Video karaoke files are backing tracks complete with scrolling lyrics on video. These are available in two formats of compressed video to suit different types of video players.
Mp4 video files generally suit iPods and their variants, most non-proprietary media players, PC's and Macs.
WMV or Windows media video suit PC's running Microsoft software and will be the format of choice for Microsoft's Zune players and X-Boxes.

Online Karaoke
Online karaoke has become quite popular too largely because of the ease of access for the casual user. There are a number of online services running now, some free and some membership based.

Our leading site in this review -
The Karaoke Channel is very much a one-stop shop for most karaoke needs - from free online karaoke to quality downloadable files in the formats popular today.
It offers the World's largest largest karaoke library.

MIDI karaoke
MIDI karaoke backing tracks are really the original format of karaoke file made popular by the Internet.
They are used by professional musicians with special hardware MIDI players, and equally they can be played on any computer with a MIDI player and a sound card, but the quality of sound reproduction depends on your sound setup.
In general they do not provide anything like the authenticity of the more up-to-date MP3 format karaoke file. They are still quite popular though, and the Website
Free Karaoke is still a popular site.

CDG karaoke
Once regarded as the ultimate karaoke experience is the CDG player which is a dedicated karaoke machine.
This is a CD player with the added function of graphics output. It allows you to play karaoke CDG discs and connect the player to your television or video monitor. You then see the lyrics of the songs as you sing them.
The drawbacks of CDG are the cost of both the hardware and the discs themselves, along with the incompatibility with many new age devices. Although not nearly as popular now it is still the format of choice for many professional setups
, especially where the hardware has already been bought.

These sites are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to karaoke information and resources online. The other sites in the karaoke top 20 each bring a different angle to the subject of karaoke, and may just be the one that matches your interest in karaoke perfectly, so they could be worth a look.

I hope the karaoke top 20 takes you to what you are looking for in the world of karaoke. Please remember to bookmark this page, it may be the only karaoke page you'll ever need. We at Net Top 20 certainly hope so - it's the reason we're here...

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